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Team MARN By Blazewb by RankTrack45 Team MARN By Blazewb :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 13 0
MARN Volume 1 Chapter 4.5
Masterson Estate. Mistral. 8 years before RWBY.
A single maid stood on a step ladder over a sink in the center of the Masterson Estate’s elaborate kitchen. She was a twelve-year-old Faunus with long purple hair and eyes. She wore a black dress with a long skirt, and a white apron on her front. The black and white headband she wore was positioned in front of a pair of purple cat ears. The maid busied herself with the remaining dishes from breakfast. As she scrubbed the food off the dish in her hand she noticed the yellow handkerchief tied around her left wrist. On the corner closest to her was the red embroidered crest of the Masterson family. Seeing it made her face turn completely red. “Oh Cain,” she said as she placed the clean dish in the stack next to her. “Evelyn,” a voice called causing the maid to lose her balance and fall off the step ladder and landed on her butt. She groaned in pain from the impact. The maid then looked up to find her master stan
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 1 5
MARN Volume 1 Chapter 10
The Great War saw many battles that turned the tide more than once during the ten years of conflict. One battle in the second half of the war would do so favoring Mantle and Mistral, but it would also be remembered as one of the bloodiest battles in the war. The Fort Auburn Massacre.
Since the war had begun, the forces of Vale began to establish forts that ran down the center of Sanus to defend the border should Vacuo ally with Mantle and Mistral. The most crucial of these forts was Fort Auburn which lied at the northern coast of Sanus, and was the primary defense from a Mantle naval attack. If it fell then the northern coast would be open for a full scale incursion.
Seven years into the war, it was decided by Mantle that Fort Auburn had to fall if they were to take Vale. To this end they resorted to a group of Faunus from Mistral that had been behind enemy lines for three years. They were the advanced forces of the Mastersons commanded by their leader, Darius the Silver Eyed. Their mi
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 1 7
Grimm Night Of Beasts By Blazewb by RankTrack45 Grimm Night Of Beasts By Blazewb :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 14 0
The Last Quincy Chapter 34
The Shattered Cross had managed to defeat the Second Battalion while losing a quarter of their own forces. One of the three Takiyama ships was destroyed while the other two were badly damaged. Czer, going along with Taihaku’s suggestion, decided to have one of the ships repaired using the salvaged parts from the other ship. The work would take weeks to complete, but it would result in the creation of a valuable asset for the Rebellion.
Ranma told me of Czer’s exploits in the World of the Living and I was quite impressed. He continued to tell me that it was time for me to join him. Blackheart was making his move.
_ _ _ _ _
Boiler Room. Takiyama Laboratory. 4032 A.D. Fifty-five years after Cataclysm.
No one ever went into the labyrinth of pipes that made up Takiyama’s boiler room. There was never a reason for them to since it all functioned like it was supposed to. It was believed that the maintenance was performed by an automated system, but in reality it was maintaine
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 4 1
Lost Souls
Hollow Settlement. Hueco Mundo. 1,020 years before Aizen Incident.
Several Hollow bodies littered the grounds of the village whose structure carried the damage of a recent attack. Five Soul Reapers roamed the area investing the cause. Their leader was a woman name Suki Haikawa. She had long pink hair and purple eye. She wore remnants of a pink haori over her uniform, and two sets of beads on top of her head and on her left side next to her Zanpakuto. She was crouch over one of the bodies examining the damage. Its body had been bitten into in multiple places and portions of flesh missing. Another Soul Reaper came behind her. He was bald with red tattoos lining the top of his head. Over his uniform he wore a black and red vest with a high collar. “Have you found Augus and the others Shin?” Suki asked.
“There’s no trace of the Vasto Lorde anywhere Lieutenant Haikawa,” Shin said. “Whoever attacked the village must have done so when he was away. As for th
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 2 2
Cain Masterson - Savage Beast Aspect by RankTrack45 Cain Masterson - Savage Beast Aspect :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 9 2
MARN Volume 1 Chapter 9
A.A.S. Magellan. Atlas Airspace. 8 years prior to RWBY.
Commander Crimson watched the footage of the southwest perimeter from three minutes ago. In it Cain Masterson rode on Ares Corvinus’ shoulders as both ran toward the perimeter with their hands raised out and a blue transparent wall in front of them. The bullets from the drones and turrets got caught on the wall. Then, Rosalia Duvall and Nilla Wyvern appeared behind the drones. The two began destroying the drones and the center gun emplacement, Rosalia with her two bladed fans while Nilla used a whip that was electrified with yellow dust. When Cain and Ares reached the center of the perimeter, the two split up toward the remaining turrets taking half of the blue wall with them. They thrusted their hands forward, then the walls shattered and the bullets attached to them flew toward the guns destroying them.
The four’s teamwork impressed Crimson. The way in which both Cain and Ares used themselves as decoys gave Rosalia a
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Family Rivalry by Blazewb by RankTrack45 Family Rivalry by Blazewb :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 16 3
The Last Quincy Chapter 33
Outskirts of Karakura Town. World of the Living. 4032 A.D. Fifty-five years after Cataclysm.
The snow covered wasteland to the west of Karakura Town was covered in numerous rock formations. They proved to be excellent cover for Czer and the other members of the Shattered Cross. Makeshift tents were set up between the plateaus housing the members who were waiting for the Takiyama battalion to arrive. Behind their tents were large objects hidden under tarps covered in powdered snow.
Czer, Rokuyo, Seito, Kujo, and Taihaku along with several other members stood around a map on a small table. “Right now we are currently fifteen kilometers outside Karakura Town,” Czer began. “If their current broadcasts are accurate that means that they’ll reach this location in one hour.”
“A single battalion consists of three heavily armed airships,” Taihaku said. “One hundred Soul Hunter to each ship plus a dozen techies flying them. I know we’re not fo
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 2 0
MARN Volume 1 Chapter 1.5
Opera House. Atlas. 8 years prior to RWBY.
The auditorium was packed with men and women wearing formal attire. They all sat quietly as they watched and listened to the performance on the stage. A group of children between the ages of six and ten stood on risers wearing white gowns as they sang in unison toward the audience.
Alexander sat in the left balcony next a man with which he had shared many years of business as well as friendship. The man wore a black suit with a white shirt and black bowtie. The broadness of the man’s physique dwarfed Alexander greatly. He was lacking hair on his head save for the faded orange mutton chops on either side of his face. The President of the Corvinus Corporation stared intently with his blue eyes at the singing choir.
When the children had finished, the audience applauded their performance. Alexander did the same but stopped abruptly when he felt a malicious gaze on him. He could sense it coming from the balcony across from him. Alexander too
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 3 3
The Men Who Built Remnant by RankTrack45 The Men Who Built Remnant :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 22 7
The Last Quincy Chapter 32
So Taihaku decided to join the Shattered Cross. His excuse was that he was bored of sitting around all the time and could use the action. But Czer knew that the real reason was that Taihaku wanted to see what else the Quincy was capable of. Personally I would never allow someone like Taihaku in my ranks, but he proved to be a valuable member of the rebellion in the long run.
Eleven Soul Hunters and five smugglers died during the raid of the Military Zone. Czer then made a deal with the surviving Soul Hunter similar to the one he made with Taihaku. Those that wanted to join the Shattered Cross could join. Those that didn’t would be imprisoned and await trial at the end of the rebellion. Officers were not given this privilege, but if they had any information that proved useful to the rebellion their sentence would be reduced. A good majority of the Soul Hunters changed sides while the other plus the officers were held in the Military Zone jails.
Worrying about the prisoners was the
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 1 2
Grendel - Grimm OC by RankTrack45 Grendel - Grimm OC :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 66 22
The Last Quincy Chapter 31
Military Zone. Ruins of Karakura Town. 4032 A.D. Fifty-five years after Cataclysm
Taihaku began to twirl his wrists in circles causing the finger bones on his bracelets to move with them. “Broken Bones Mend Stronger,” he said as a dark aura began to envelope his hands. When the aura disappeared it revealed a pair of plated gloves on each hand. Each was bone white with jagged spikes on the knuckles. “It’s not too fancy, but it gets the job done,” Taihaku said tilting his head slightly to the side.
“Well Stitch Lips,” Czer said letting go of the staff letting it disappear into the air. “Show me your skills.” He readied himself with his Seele Schneider raised and its tip pointed toward Taihaku. The then watch as the Fullbringer disappeared with blinding speed reappearing at the Quincy’s right side. Czer was quick to raise his right arm and blocked Taihaku’s punch with his forearm. He could feel the vibrations flow through h
:iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 2 6
World of Remnant: The Mastersons by RankTrack45 World of Remnant: The Mastersons :iconranktrack45:RankTrack45 35 11


Aeris: the Mermaid by blazewb Aeris: the Mermaid :iconblazewb:blazewb 5 6 Xander Kensington: Specter Knight by Xenethis-Chimera Xander Kensington: Specter Knight :iconxenethis-chimera:Xenethis-Chimera 7 0 The Black Ram by blazewb The Black Ram :iconblazewb:blazewb 8 2 MARN: A Brothers grimm by Monsterking777 MARN: A Brothers grimm :iconmonsterking777:Monsterking777 20 2 Thanatos Sketch by blazewb Thanatos Sketch :iconblazewb:blazewb 7 4
Dark Ages 3:2 Kade
    Idle dust shook free from the caves ceiling descending like dandruff on the two of them as beast's roar vibrated stone walls through the cavern. Kade immediately began to feel  a knot forming in the pit of his stomach. Putting a brave face so as no to admit his fears. "Kade!" Barked Rom motioning to wear the torch had been laid. Snapped from his fear induced entrancement  Kade hurriedly ran over to pickup the torch before returning at Roms side. Flickering flames revealed what resembled a stairway descending further down into the caverns bowels. Bats fluttered on past them exiting by opening behind them while they walked further down the stairway. Stopping at a landing which split into two directions Rom noted two paths. On the right a wooden door which lead into an anti chamber, where as the left resumed further downward. Kade sauntered over towards a stone epitaph hewn into wall by doorways entrance. A Strange assortment of letters were scrawled from righ
:iconaktikon1:aktikon1 2 0
Kenpachi Resurreccion by blazewb Kenpachi Resurreccion :iconblazewb:blazewb 17 9 Arrancar Yakuza Hollow Masks by blazewb Arrancar Yakuza Hollow Masks :iconblazewb:blazewb 16 4 Madness Unchained by blazewb Madness Unchained :iconblazewb:blazewb 7 7
Bleach: Scarlet Symphony - Chapter 7
Scarlet Symphony
Fresh Hell
Eventually, the beast grew tired. He smashed the last camera and as his arms fell heavily at his sides, letting out a long, forlorn sigh of distress and depression. The creature slumped his shoulders, though that didn't make him appear any smaller in size.
He retreated to a dark corner of his prison, far away from where anyone could view him like an beast in a cage. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts, or at least what little he could formulate inside his aching head. Slowly things seemed to be coming back to him, but to the Arrancar they were so random and fragmented that nothing meant anything to him. He recalled the rain and how hard it poured; how it threatened to wash away everything away. Including him.
A light.
He could picture the object as if it were still in his hand. Small, sharp, yet emitted the warmest glow form its core. As his mind tried to further dive into the faded memory of that warmth he was met by a ghostly pain in his chest,
:iconxenethis-chimera:Xenethis-Chimera 3 1
Madness Unchained WIP by blazewb Madness Unchained WIP :iconblazewb:blazewb 5 4 Blackheart Sketch by blazewb Blackheart Sketch :iconblazewb:blazewb 8 1 Monkey Wrench teaser by Zeurel Monkey Wrench teaser :iconzeurel:Zeurel 1,089 144 MARN: Ares Corvinus by Monsterking777 MARN: Ares Corvinus :iconmonsterking777:Monsterking777 18 12 Dyan Arashi: Hollow Rage by blazewb Dyan Arashi: Hollow Rage :iconblazewb:blazewb 17 8 Fanon WoR - The Valkor-Nava by Lightning-in-my-Hand Fanon WoR - The Valkor-Nava :iconlightning-in-my-hand:Lightning-in-my-Hand 88 2
My Summer Term starts. With it I have a new featured deviation and a new profile picture.
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